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Get to know the services we offer our patients at GBMC with unique care and follow up.

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Our Physicians Are Our Pride

Meet the team of lead doctors and professional physicians behind GBMC’s success.


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Jordan Hospital Medical Center second floor suite 7, Amman, Jordan
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Our Vision

Setting New Higher Standards of Care in Jordan

The experts we gather at GBMC not only help pave the way to solutions for your health problems, but they offer the best care possible for all our patients.

Each Case is a Study Case

Our procedures vary to suit all patients’ needs, our experts study each case individually in order to provide comprehensive multidisciplinary solutions to all health problems.

Specialty Medicine with Compassion and Care

We consider our job completed after a long process of caring for our patients. Our experts not only offer surgical solutions, but they also follow up with each patient to cope with the changes accompanying the procedure.


  • To establish a higher set standard for the treatment of all surgical problems that face our patients today and tomorrow: including the challenge of Obesity & Diabetes.
  • To raise the bar of Minimally Invasive (Laparoscopic & Endoscopic) Interventions in Jordan, to include all simple and complex gastrointestinal procedures.
  • To provide a better definition for Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery, where variety of solutions to suit each individual exist. Providing a comprehensive program, with life-long support for our patients will help us achieve superior outcomes.
Doctors & Physicians

Our team of experts have an established record of experience, success, and pursuit of excellence in all new fields of Medicine.


We utilize sophisticated medical technologies and advanced treatment approaches in the procedures done at the center.


We explain to our patients that a surgery is a chance to have a fresh new start, to live happier and healthier.

Satisfied Patients

We find proof of our success in our patients who now adopt healthy lifestyles and live a happy healthy life.

Leading the Way
in Medical Practice

Your journey with GBMC starts with a consultation, our team of experts are well qualified to study your case and take as much input as possible in order to offer the best solution to your health problem. Your journey with GBMC does not end with implementing a surgery or a medical procedure; we continue our mission to guide you adopt a healthy lifestyle and have a fresh start.

Listen to Your Body

Consider how your body feels, as it is a powerful source of intuition that tells you exactly what you need. Take your focus off of your inner self-talk in your mind, tune in, and tap into a deeper and more caring relationship with your physical self to honor your body’s messages and get an abundance of useful information.

Laparoscopic surgery is the same as Minimally Invasive surgery. It entails making very small keyhole wounds (incisions) through which a camera (laparoscope) and certain instruments facilitate the procedure planned. It also involves inflating the abdomen with CO2 gas to increase the working space. This gas is completely safe, is almost entirely removed at the end of the procedure, and what is left is absorbed by the body completely within hours. As for what can be done laparoscopically, almost all traditional procedures can now be safely done with laparoscopy.

Focus on How Your Body Serves You

Cultivate loving your body by celebrating how it serves you through movement, exercise, playing with your kids, work, activities, etc. Acknowledge that your body is a vessel for life, and it deserves to be celebrated regardless of its size, shape or weight. Show gratitude for what your body allows you to do each day. Shift your thinking and self-talk to less negative and more positive.

Eat mindfully

How? Chew 25 times. Feed yourself with your non-dominant hand. Eat everything with chopsticks for a week. Put your fork down between each bite. Take your first bite with your eyes closed. Try to identify every ingredient in your meal. Put your food on a plate. Sit at a table.

Our News

Stay updated with the latest news and events from GBMC, follow our social media pages to know more about what we’re up to and the latest medical news.